②More families consist ofone-parent households or two working
parents; consequently, children are likelyto have less supervision at
home than was common in the traditional familystructure。

Reduce/ prevent youth crime
Become law-abiding citizens


Teenagers often act on impulse and get into trouble with their

  3.XKF会对青少年犯罪率产生影响:XKFis thought to be an influence on
juvenile crime rates。

Expect their children to do exactly what they are told
Stifle their creativity
Damage their self-esteem

  ③This lack of parentalsupervision is thought to be an influence on
juvenile crime rates。

9 Behavior problems

  2.由单亲家庭构成:consistof one-parent households

Internet addiction
Spend too much time online
Weaken family bonds
Feel disconnected from each other
Cause family conflict/ high divorce rate


4 Parenting style/ child-rearing style


(School) prepare students to be…
Produce well-rounded individuals

  8.某事发生越来越多:thegrowing incidence of something

Lack self-control
Do not think about the consequences of their actions
Commit a crime


Feel lonely and isolated


Half of young adults who dropped out of school regretted their
decision later.


Strengthen family bonds
Family bonding activities


Are understanding and supportive
Respect their feelings
Support their choices
Respect their individuality

  4.增加可能性:increasethe probability

Teach children the difference between right and wrong
Teach children about social responsibility

  结构提示:than was common in the traditional

Unruly students
Drop out of school

  结构提示:frustration or failure in school, theincreased
availability of drugs and alcohol, and the growing incidence of
childabuse and child neglect里并列的名词短语共同组成句子的宾语。

Spoil their children
Permissive parents
(Children) can behave as they please

  ④Other identifiable causes ofoffensive acts include frustration or
failure in school, the increasedavailability of drugs and alcohol, and
the growing incidence of child abuse andchild neglect。

5 Emotional health/ emotional well-being


Western parents try to respect their children’s individuality.


Are influenced by peer pressure
Positive peer pressure ➡️ Increase their motivation to learn
Negative peer pressure ➡️ drug abuse, teenage sex, school bullying,
youth crime


Provide them with emotional support
(Children) Seek advice from parents
Damage their emotional health


This program aims to promote emotional health among young people.


Monitor their children’s academic performance
Are more involved in their children’s education


Peer pressure
Are in their formative years
Often act on impulse